The Cameo Magazine

The goal of the Cameo Magazine is to encourage an exchange of ideas in the so called “refugee-question”. We understand this magazine project as a platform that can be shaped by all interested creative people. The contents and means of expression can be chosen individually. With the creation of
this open space, we want to inspire a vivid discussion – as this issue concerns everyone in our society.
But most of all, we want to contribute in the building of bridges. We aim to let the contents of the magazine develop in a creative cooperation. In this endeavor we want to accompany the arrival of the refugees in our society over the next years.

Issue 3: Arriving at Hannover

For the next edition of the Cameo Magazine we are looking for people from Hannover with and without refugee backgrounds who want to create a professional publication, together with us, on the topic arriving in Hannover.

The idea for our magazine project grew from the realization that the media often debates about refugees but too rarely with them. There appears to be a major hurdle to connect various groups and to bring them together. We understand exchange and communication as a key to solving these problems. We see this approach realized through our new magazine project, that it is a collective team-work from the initial planning to the post editing, from the title image to the publishing information. It doesn´t matter if the participants are refugees, natives or dissidents.

Everyone who wishes to creatively work on the issue of “Arriving at Hannover” and would like to make their thoughts public, should be integrated into the project.
This way we want to offer a platform for various ideas that result in the interaction between people of all backgrounds, all genders and all ages.

Another goal of this magazine project is the training of media competences. In projet-related workshops and working groups the participants find their tools and knowlegde to realize posts that can be published in the magazine.

The sustainability will be secured by public relations during the production phase, and the processing of the results in the publication and in exhibitions. That way the cameo collective and its partners want to research and explore long-term forms of educational work in the field of political education.


TYPOGRAPHY/DESIGN: Marc André Offenhammer
CONCEPT/PHOTOGRAPHY Sebastian Cunitz, Julius Matuschik
TEXT: Luna Ali

TYPOGRAPHY/DESIGN: Marc André Offenhammer
CONCEPT/PHOTOGRAPHY Sebastian Cunitz, Julius Matuschik
TEXT: Luna Ali

The Cameo Kollektiv

We are a collective of creative minds with a heart for a colorful society. We believe that every human enriches our world, wherever they are from. But for doing so, they need a chance – and this starts in your head. We think talking with each other helps; and getting into action even more so. This is why we realise ideas that create space for diversity.

Alireza Hussein was born in 1990. Since 2012 he start learning photography. He had three group photo exhibitions at Mashhad in Iran and one of his photos has been chosen for the Sony World Photography Awards 2013. He loves street photography also documentary and fine art photography.

Despite having been born in Bergisch Gladbach, Carmen Ludwig feels at home in the deep east of Germany. There, her childhood memories of lemon ice under the cherry tree and sleigh rides are the most vivid. After spending a couple of months in the Bretagne, the France-afficionado has moved to Berlin. Besides her studies in cultural and media sciences, she mainly experiments with theatre and literature in her free time.

Daniel Cyril Hobein was born in 1987 in Saarbrücken and grew up in the tranquil city of Goslar. Driven by the desire to become a graphic designer he moved to the beautiful city of Leipzig after his school graduation. After several years working for advertising agencies he finally ended up in Hannover. Now he is working as a freelance graphic designer. Daniel is an autodidact and has a big heart for music.

Felix Riedel, born in Goslar, developed a fascination for design and technology at an early age. After becoming a qualified IT specialist, he wanted to see more of the world and moved to Hamburg to study visual communication and work as a boatbuilder. Since 2014 he lives in Cologne is the proud owner of a roof-deck. When he doesn’t observe the goings-on in the streets from up there, he spends his time diligently studying exhibition design in Düsseldorf.

Born in 1983, Florian Paulus decided in 2010 to move to Bogotá, Colombia where he worked as educator and human rigths defender. Beeing passionate about diferent cultures and languages he is always open and curious to make new friends. He makes a legendary Spaghetti Bolognese and thinks that winter is absolutely overestimated.

Julius Matuschik was born in Radolfzell at Lake Constance in 1986. To pursue his passion for photography, he dropped out of school to start an apprenticeship as a photo and media assistant. Since 2009 he studies photojournalism and documentary photography. He loves to get to know and immerse himself in “foreign” cultures; he is especially taken with the Orient.

Born in Pforzheim in 1988, Kathrin Rutschmann grew up on the verge of the Black Forest. Her studies in object and interior design have then brought her to the Ruhr Area for a few years. The equally leafy landscape kept her there ever since. Now she lives in Düsseldorf and studies exhibition design, while commuting between various cultural projects throughout the Ruhr Area.

Mahnaz Jonoud was born in 1976 in the beautiful town of Shiraz/Iran. She studied computer science and worked as a freelance webdesigner for 10 years. Her hobbies include swimming, strolling, traveling and good music.

Born in 1991, Marie Orschulik grew up in Bavaria. Every summer she visited her relatives in Silesia, spending her holidays on their barn. Since she got to know several collectives in the “Funkhaus Grünau” in Berlin she is looking forword to future experience in this area. Today she studies film science and German language and literature at the FU Berlin.

Najem Al-Khalaf was born in 1993 in Idlib/Syria. He studied political science in Saida/Libanon and is now about to start studying photojournalism and documentary photography at the Hochschule Hannover in September 2016. He loves documentary photography because it enables him to portray a perspective. He is an open minded character and enjoys meeting new people. He has a passion for cooking.

Sebastian Cunitz was born in Munich in 1983 and grew up at the beautiful Lake Constance. Since 2009 he studies documentary photography in Hanover. With his photography he wants to come closer to people and learn to understand them, while always searching for common ground. His favorite dish is pancakes with spinach and he loves to cook Oriental delicacies.

Siavash Torkzaban was born in 1989 in Shiraz, the city of poets, literature and vine. He studied Graphic Design and Advertisement and worked at different magazines and companies. Siavash is always open minded and motivated to contribute his abilities and ideas in creative projects. His favourite pastime activities are picnics and BBQ.

Taraneh Bahramfard was born in 1982 in Mashhad, the second largest city in Iran. Her first name means „the song“ in persian. She wanted to become a vet as a child. Today she is a graphic designer hoping to inspire people through her art. She studied visual communication in Schiraz/Iran and worked as a graphic designer for 12 years. Taraneh is overcome by positive emotions while listening to the sound of waves.

Tesfa Amaha was born in 1982 in Adi Oula, Eritrea. He studied at the College of Business and Econimics in Asmara. In Ethopia he studied journalism and communication at the Mekelle University in Mek’ele. His hobbies are traveling and visiting historical places. He loves to discuss with people.